Technology designed to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar has joined the wearables trend of watches, bracelets and rings that collect personal health data. But researchers say the devices might provide minimal benefit to healthy people using them to get minute-by-minute readings on their glucose levels. Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) […]

Staying in touch with current trends in software development is very important for several reasons in today’s time. These software trends allow developers to have a competitive attitude in an industry where innovation is key and for people to understand the latest technologies and methodologies, which gives more confidence to […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Financial technology (FinTech)—innovation in the delivery of financial services and products—has grown in popularity, expanding access to finance for millions of people. But while promoting inclusive finance to accelerate economic growth and financial sustainability is considered a good idea, there are challenges to balancing the socioeconomic […]

Nearly everyone could benefit from a little extra income, but sometimes saving extra money and having a full-time job aren’t enough. Good side hustles build recurring revenue streams that go a long way in earning extra income. Side hustlers come from diverse backgrounds and sell a wide range of products. […]